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At Advent Valuers, a key aspect in our approach is the involvement of our clients during the various stages of our activities in order to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. We attach a high value to the sustainability of our clients and projects and propagate adequate budgetary allocations for update and maintenance of personnel, technology and the collection and distribution of timely and accurate data.

Property Valuation

Accurate information showing the value of the property is a constant business requirement. Advent Valuers Limited is able to provide independent valuation of all types of assets for all purposes and business needs.

These include valuations of land and buildings, furniture, fittings, any type of equipment, plant & machinery and motor vehicles.

Estate Agency

We are specialists in the sale and identification of suitable tenants for your property/ premises. Efficiency is our motto and we make sure that your property/ premises do not fall vacant for long.

We maintain a large database of clients and have an in-depth knowledge of potential tenants and buyer.

Property Managers

Whether property is owned for investment, development, or personal use, the technical and legal complexities of property management can place a disproportionate burden on both time and resources.

In line with property management, Advent Valuers Limited will deal with:

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Project Financing

Our project finance specialists will carry out project analysis and related cash flow computations with a view to marketing the project to banks and obtaining funds at reasonable terms from one of our many banking contacts that we have.

We also approach key players in the mortgage industry to partner in providing mortgage facilities for end buyers.

Facility Management

Facilities Management ensures that the design and management of an occupied building, the associated building systems, equipment and furniture enable and enhance the organizations ability to meet its business objectives.

Advent Valuers Limited manages an organization’s non-core building services, together with the associated human resources and its buildings.

Market Studies

We undertake professional research reports on historical property values and rentals.

We carry out, in consultation and collaboration with other professionals, research on anticipated office, residential and industrial.

We are involved such activities as identifying and documenting housing projects being…

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