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Property Valuation in Kenya

We Provide Property Valuation in Kenya. Accurate information showing the value of the property is a constant business requirement. Advent Valuers Limited is able to provide independent property valuation of all types of assets for all purposes and business needs. These include valuations of land and buildings, furniture, fittings, any type of equipment, plant & machinery and motor vehicles.

  1. We carry out asset valuations for various purposes such as:
    1. Bank/Mortgage/Loan
    2. Disposal/Sale
    3. Purchase
    4. Insurance
    5. Owner-Occupier house allowance
    6. Rental Negotiations
    7. Book/Audit/Balance Sheet
    8. Local Taxation (Rating Assessment) with regard to assessing the Unimproved Site Values for rates calculation.
    9. Merger and Acquisitions
  2. We also undertake Property Investment and Advisory Services, which includes:
    1. Property/ premises appraisals, which provide a balanced assessment of the yield of a potential investment with regard to such factors as the age, type, condition and construction of the property, rental values and trends.
    2. Research on the costs and the continuing liabilities of retaining non-productive premises/ properties.
  3. This will involve:
    1. Investment Advice
    2. Cash Flow Forecasts and Projections
    3. Preparing Planning Applications and Planning Appeals
    4. Property Dispute Settlement and Mediation

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