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Real Estate Agency

Letting and Sales

We are specialists in the sale and identification of suitable tenants for your real estate property/ premises. Efficiency is our motto and we make sure that your property/ premises do not fall vacant for long.
We maintain a large database of clients and have an in-depth knowledge of potential tenants and buyers.

  1. Advent Valuers Limited is able to undertake and secure:
    1. Holistic leasing service
    2. Tenant retention. This is key to successful portfolio performance and requires a focused strategy.
    3. Tenant need analysis, growth planning, downscaling and relocations
    4. Strong relationship with all tenants, ensuring access to a broad based prospective tenant base and able to select most effective tenants in each area.

We have developed a powerful combination of in depth market knowledge, creative marketing skills and strong negotiating and management abilities which enable us to offer a comprehensive property service in respect of all types of properties. We are able to meet the increasingly specific needs of purchasers and demands of professional assistance to facilitate a profitable sale or letting.
To achieve the above we employ appropriate marketing techniques, accurate targeting and cost efficient methods to achieve our goals.

Often speed will be vital in these matters. Advent Valuers Limited has the resources to respond to this need and to report at very short notice. Our experienced team of qualified professional staff can advise on the disposal of surplus or redundant property assets. This line of service may apply to the disposal of a single property or to a complete appraisal of a large group’s property assets to ensure that their full potential is realized.

Site/ Property Acquisition

  1. Where the need for expansion or relocation arises so as to ensure future growth, a full property acquisition service is provided including:
    1. Identifying suitable site locations for development.
    2. Establishing the registered owners of the property from the ministry of Lands as well as the local authorities. Advent Valuers Limited has the capacity to undertake title searches for any kind of property as well as obtain relevant legal documents from the Government.
    3. Negotiate with the owners of the property to achieve the best terms for our clients.
    4. Obtaining planning and legal permission from the relevant authorities.
    5. Preparing and or coordinating preparation of all necessary legal documents including the lease agreements.

Our site acquisition team will be able to advise our clients on suitable sites outlining any problem areas and recommending ways of sorting out the problems, if any.


We offer property development services that include development advice, planning advice and project management.

As project managers we ensure efficient contract administration by liaising and coordinating the project consultants, contractors and suppliers to ensure that the project is delivered to specifications, on budget and on time. This service also inclu

des undertaking procurement advice, risk Management and eventually a property audit and evaluation.

Property Investment Consultancy

Property Investment is generally recognized as the best safeguard and hedge against inflation. Advent Valuers Limited provides a full investment service to both private investors and financial institutions.

The service includes investment acquisition and disposal, portfolio analysis and property management to ensure investment security and growth. Sale and leaseback transactions are also arranged.

We undertake property audits and due diligence exercises with regard to the properties with specific emphasis on the rental levels, returns and analysis of lease provisions. It is therefore possible to identify opportunities for maximum utilization of property investments through options such as lease restructuring, disposal, relocation, downsizing or upsizing.

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