The day to day management of a property forms an integral part of investing in real estate. This is because the condition of any property determines its worth.

Property administration demand makes it very difficult for any owner to carry out the day to day management of a proeprty on their own. This is the main reason why most property owners turn to a dedicated property manager/management company to handle management tasks on their behalf.

The management of the property from onset is paramount and will continue over the life of the property. This is due to the fact that, the profitability of the investment largely depends on how well the property is kept. For this reason, it is imperative that investors select an effective management company.

Basically the management agent is tasked with the following tasks;

Collection of Rent on each month and its transfer to the owner. A good property manager will enhance profitability of your property by making sure rent is fully paid and in good time.

Arranging  regular cleaning , inspection and maintenance of the proeprty. A clean and well maintained proeprty is significant in attracting tenants. The same demonstrates a serious business and professionalism.Viewing a clean and well organized site is easy and faster.

Handling tenants claims. An effective property manager will ensure  tenants are satisfied and taken good care of. This is beneficial at enhancing the competitiveness of of the rental property .


Handling the incoming and outgoing tenants. At the expiration of a lease, a management agent is tasked with the inspection of the property. This is done with a view to ascertain if there is any damage caused to the property during the tenant’s occupation thereof. In principle, the tenant should leave the property the way he found it.

Expertise knowledge. A good management company brings its knowhow and experience to the property, giving the property owner the peace of mind that comes with knowing the investment is in good hands.

Property marketing. Marketing is not just an important part of business success; it is the business. Everything else in the property depends on marketing. This is effectively performed by an experienced property manager. In addition, a management company is an independent contractor, so the property owner avoids the hassles of being an employer.

Property management is part of investment portfolio management. The property manager’s roles are therefore key in the daily administration of Investment Portfolio Management. Meeting property management objectives and especially maintaining good returns from the property ensures specific goals for the investment portfolio for the property owner are met. Property manager may also be an investment portfolio manager especially in portfolios with many property investments. The mnanagerhas -the ability to put together and managing various property investments to meet the owner’s specific goals. Investment property portfolio management  also determines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and many other trade-offs encountered in the attempt to maximize return at a given taste for risk.

A portfolio manager is today fundamental to companies and investors capitalizing in property and fund. Their role in ensuring a steady increase in capital value keeps many property investements afloat.

One of the most important things to understand is that, the performance of property investment is largely dependent on professionalism of a property manager. In that,  investments must be taken good care of in order to attract more wealth. Additionally, the vigilant management of a property portfolio is critical at improving its profitability. A good property manager therefore comes in handy as far as portfolio expansion, improving rental yields, monitoring overheads, minimizing rental voids and strategic refinancing is concerned.

No doubt, appointing a property management agent is therefore advantageous from the point of freeing up your time to the extent of harnessing the expertise of a team of experts dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment. This also helps in identifying risks and loopholes in your investments. In property and real estate companies, properties to sell such as land , residential houses, and other types of proeprties are parallel with the revenue and return on assets. This is actually the main source of income. Their ability to attract tenants determines the survival of a property investor.

A property manager therefore performs the following tasks in portfolio management;

Management strategy choices. Markets are today more volatile than they once were. This has created a need for a portfolio manager with detailed understanding of the financial climate in order to be able to manage the proeprties effectively.

Asset allocation. This is a strategy of allocating one’s investment portfolio across various asset classes. Some of these assets include stocks, bonds, money among others. Asset allocation is a key step taken by property managers in order to identify and tap into relatively excess return. Properties are known to possess diversifying appeal; this makes it more attractive to investors. Assets also have an important role in the optimal portfolio for investors over both short and long terms.

Investing strategies, a good number of property managers are familiar with fundamental analysis. This makes it easy for them to place your assets in the best form. Besides they are also able to predict future patterns and trends. This is key in placing assets for high returns.

 Management of risk. Every business experiences decline at some point. While this is common, its effects can be reduced in case they occur. As a measure to ensure your investment is secure, they must have an investment risk management plan. A qualified property manager will be of importance in helping you; draw diversification rules, setting up a percentage of your investment portfolio as well as setting up rules and strategies to keep you focused.

It is no doubt investors can achieve optimal returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of investments included in an efficient frontier with the services of a professional property manager.

While some property owners have been successful in managing their properties and investment portfolios, appointing a good property manager remains the better option as far as increasing  profit margins is concerned.

It is also key to note that, there are anticipated pros and cons of entrusting  properties and investments to a property administrator, though at the end of the day the results will differ with different managers.